More Studies

Loomis Studies

All in order of which they were done First to Most Recent.

Learning his 3 sections of the face.

Next step still trying the 3 rule. From memory.

More for memory.

From memory some serious issues making circles. 

Studying with Mr. Warren on his stream.

Left: From reference Right: From Memory.


Learning Loomis

This week, on top of my normal studies, I plan to reserve time for doing some Loomis head studies. Faces in general are my major weak point, and I plan on addressing that this week. So my goal is to start understanding the basics of how the head is shaped and constructed in both digital and traditional media.

The book i will be reading form can be found here. http://alexhays.com/loomis/.

Wish me luck.


This week on Deathline

Starting tomorrow night (tonight has been a rough and late night) I will devote myself to 2hr studies of individual studies, trying to master why my saturation is so off e_e. I paint really muted colors, and that needs to be fixed, asap.



Stranger #15

Eyes are the wrong shape, and colors a little too saturated, but overall, structure seems correct. A successful color study at least, and good practice with faces. Tomorrow I will devote to face studies and practices.


A Fat Dragon.


Studies and art for 11.18

skull art. just playing with some lighting all from memory, can see some flaws so far.

Studies for the day, I believe i have the basic structure of down... just needs refinement. Proportions are mostly right too. Still needs work though!!


2 hr Study.

Another Study. More to come later tonight.

Deathline Week 1

It was a success, but not close enough to where I want to be. I'm still not as fast as I want to be. So that's something I will have to work on. I will follow Daniel Warrens strategy of full timed 2hr studies in both reference and in still life.

Things that still need work: Color, pen handling, finalizing pieces, and still missing that comfort level from traditional into digital. It will take some time though, which I know.

11:11 Robot Progress Day 3

Another Day. Much more refined.


11/11 Bot

a really quick doodle from a few years ago.

a more refined piece. using the 11/11 robot.
Just another piece. I was playing around with the idea of 11/11


The Hatching

As part of my Deathline  challenge, I want to better myself with actually making more polished pieces, therefore my goal was to create a finalized image once a week minimum. There still is some work that can be done but i can't think of how to go about that right now... :<

You can watch the progress on my livestream account @ www.livestream.com/digits.


This can't be good...

no kidding.

Apple Study 2

I personally like my previous study more.. this was a weird one to do. it wasn't directly in front of me, so i had to keep looking back, which may have caused some discrepancies in the construction.

Completed on my stream.

Livestreaming some still life : OFFLINE



Studies, and concepts and other works

Below are some things I've been working on the last few weeks. Just some basic studies with some originals thrown in.  Still trying to get this digital medium down. Colors on the other hand I think I understand even better now. Reflections, saturation. Its all makes sense when you just look around you. 

Anyway here are my pieces. Tell me what you think. And yes I know they are rough, but they are quick studies.


Also Follow me on twitter @tylerbsr7 :) I could use the encouragement to do more art XD

Studies 11 6 11

From Reference
Just doing some studies. I was very busy this weekend so I'm going to have to play some serious catch up to Dave and Dan's Deathline. So far here is what I'm doing. 


Older Pieces

Here are some the the pieces I have posted on my DeviantArt account. Each one took a little over 2 horus as far as studies go. Any questions are welcome. Overall These are pieces I'm fairly proud of, but they all need work. and I will be happy to revisit them once I learn a bit more about the basics from the death line.

I will be happy to show you where I know I went wrong with these pieces.