I don't like making excuses for myself. But in the last few weeks, I have gone through a bit of stuff. Which would explain my absence. I have gone to a portfolio review for my girlfriend, gone to a graduation, got in some much needed social time, went to several interviews, got several job offers, got a new job, gave my two week notice at my old job, and i am now in the middle of trying to find out what is the best way to get to Boston every weekday for the next two months while I try and find an apartment with my love girlfriend and wait out my current lease.

So pardon me if it takes me a bit to get back into things I want to. I really do. I have been keeping a sketchbook but my computer work is seriously lacking in the same discipline that my traditional work has. (yes still) We are passed our 6month mark with these deathlines. And I have some but not a lot to show for it.

I will work towards getting more art finished. but its going to take some time and won't be immediate.