Caesar 1 30 12

Caesar 11 29 12

New Caesar Bust :D
After a weekend with little studies, I was pleased to see that my Mini Torino Heads came in the mail! First thing was first. Caesar. I took about 15 minutes to sketch out the head as accurately as I could. I must say, I like being able to control the lighting for reference work! I plan to be doing studies of this and stuff for the New Bloodsports Challenge.

I also got in the mail the Head with the muscle groups of the face. 


Shape Study in light 1-16-2012

a quick value study. I wasn't really trying all that hard. I will try it one piece at a time next time.


Fe- Male

Trying a new personal exercise where I compare my knowledge of both Male and Female faces in order to determine the differences between the two through comparison in terms of facial structure.
Some observations. Although I made the female side's jaw to sharp (imo) I noticed their jaw lines rise higher than a males jaw. While most of the features are similarly placed on the face, most of the females features are softer and more subtle where men have hard edges.

Females have bigger eyes too, and rounder eyebrows.  Just some observations.



A quick 2hr still life. I could never do this with actual paints. xD
Need to work on getting textures in. I have some. but not enough. Can you tell what I spent the most time on?


A mish mash

Top : Studies
Bottom: IMAGINATION ( kinda obvious)


Not Quiet Right.

Face shape not quiet there too dark, lips, too dark, hair, too dark, chest to dark/ blotchy, arms, a little darm deformed and too sharp.shoulder, not high enough, approximate lighting good.


The Hills are allliiiiiiiiive.....

After a Crit from Dave, Dan, and Mile :D I still need to add
more to the castle to make it look more like a castle. :)

Environments Night.

none from reference, all from memory or imagination. I plan to pick one or two and refine to a nice polish.


Got your nose!

Sketches at work..

Everything here is from imagination/ memory with the exception of the initial Indian Dude in the first image. Still a lot of kinks to work out. LETS GO DAGGERS! 

Started the day with these, some flaws but overall not /horrible/